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Start your home financing journey off right with the Mesa conventional mortgage team with the fastest turnaround times in the industy, KHoward Mortgage Team.

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Get the top rated conventional loan services you need and deserve with the experienced mortgage lending team in Mesa, Arizona, KHoward Mortgage Team. Our 5.0 star rated mortgage team will get you pre-qualified for a conventional home loan so you can start your home search off right with the buying power you need to make an offer. One of our experienced mortgage brokers would be happy to help you explore your conventional loan options to find the program that will best meet your needs. Contact KHoward Mortgage Team today to get started with your home financing journey. Call our local mortgage office now at 480-442-8834 to start talking to a mortgage expert near you Arizona.

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“The phone calls and e-mail communication and never hesitating to explain things and working with us even when there were problems. And yes we had problems but it never felt like there were. ★★★★★

Brenda T. • Phoenix, AZ

“Between you, Julie and Shelley you guys kept me in the loop at all times. Very active process, I pretty much got everything done with in 30 days start to finish. Shelly would tell me what was needed and between the two of us we got it done. ★★★★★

Jesus L. • Glendale, AZ

“Fast and friendly service. ★★★★★

Scott L. • Mesa, AZ

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Arizona Conventional Home Loan Benefits

Is A Conventional Mortgage Loan Best For You?

Conventional loans are one of the most popular home loan options for home buyers, particularly for first-time home buyers. A conventional mortgage offers a number of advantages that are ideal for first-time home buyers and others with similar financial goals.

Some of the many benefits of conventional loans include:

  • A fixed interest rate so you can count on the stability of your monthly mortgage payment
  • Programs with competitive interest rates
  • Terms allowing you to choose what will work best for your budget

In some situations, some conventional home loans may not require private mortgage insurance (PMI), depending on your credit score and the loan program. Without private mortgage insurance, AZ home buyers may be able to make a smaller down payment and or enjoy a lower monthly mortgage payment. We can help discuss your options and find the right loan options for you, such as an Arizona FHA home loan or an Arizona first time home buyer lending program!

Current Arizona Conventional Loan Rates

Current Arizona Conventional Loan Rates

There are many facets to an Arizona conventional loan that can be overwhelming to the new homebuyer. Terms such as rates, down payments, qualifications, and loan insurance can easily distract a potential homeowner from their goal of learning more. At KHoward Mortgage Team, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on all the current loan rates and requirements so that we can be the best source of information for you. Call our office today to speak with a loan expert and get your loan process started, or discuss the other Arizona loan programs we offer!

What Is A Conventional Loan Down Payment

What Is A Conventional Loan Down Payment

Typically, the average conventional loan down payment in Arizona is anywhere from 5-20%. However, some loans have a requirement as low as 3%, although this is not usually the case. When you choose to pursue a conventional home loan with KHoward Mortgage Team, we will work hard to find the perfect rates for you. Our professional mortgage experts are skilled at finding the best option for you personally, and will help you obtain a down payment and mortgage that achieves your financial goals. Our Arizona mortgage lenders can also help you explore a variety of other down payment assistance options in Arizona.

Average Arizona Conventional Mortgage Rate

Average Arizona Conventional Mortgage Rates

At KHoward Mortgage Team, we believe the best way to remain one of the top-rated mortgage companies in Arizona is by maintaining our education and continually knowing the most current rates and down payments. This way, we can find the best rates for your personal financial goals, and help you qualify for an Arizona conventional loan to purchase the home of your dreams. To learn more about the current rates in Arizona, call us at 480-442-8834 to speak with one of our loan experts and to discuss other mortgage options such as first time home buyer programs in Arizona!

Arizona Conventional Loan Qualifications & Limits

Conventional Loan Qualifications & Limits

It is fairly simple to qualify for an Arizona conventional home loan. You must have a good credit score, and be willing to put down a larger down payment than is typically expected. While sometimes tougher initially, this will help lower your monthly payments and significantly save money in the future. If you are hoping to qualify for a conventional loan as a potential homebuyer, one of our loan professionals and Arizona mortgage refinancing lenders at Khoward Mortgage Team would love to meet with you!

Arizona Conventional Loan Requirements

Arizona Conventional Loan Requirements

Potential homeowners with a solid credit score and available funds to put forth a larger down payment may be more satisfied with a conventional loan over any other loan type. The higher your down payment, the less loan insurance is required, and your future monthly payment is reduced. If you have any questions about home loan requirements or other specifics of Arizona conventional loans, contact our KHoward associates. A knowledgeable and experienced loan expert is always available to help!


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Local Arizona Conventional Mortgage Brokers

Qualify for a Conventional Home Loan in Arizona

You typically have to meet minimum income and credit requirements to qualify for a conventional loan, so you should talk to one of our mortgage brokers about your options. Adjustable-rate mortgages may also be available under a conventional loan program, which gives you the option of payment a lower amount to start out. At KHoward Mortgage Team, our team of experienced home loan experts and AZ manufactured home mortgage lenders work alongside you and educate and inform you about your mortgage options. With over two decades of experience helping home buyers in the East Valley, our Mesa mortgage brokers can help you find the mortgage that best suits the needs and financial goals of you and your family, whether it’s a Jumbo loan in Mesa or an FHA home loan!

Top Arizona Conventional Mortgage Banker
Top Arizona Conventional Mortgage Banker

As a five-star mortgage lender in Arizona, KHoward Mortgage Team is excited to help you qualify for a Mesa VA loan or a conventional loan with rates that are perfect for you!

Conventional Mortgage Companies Nearby Arizona
Conventional Mortgage Companies Nearby

When you are hoping to qualify for a conventional home loan, contact our loan experts at KHoward Mortgage Team. We will help you purchase the home of your dreams!

5 Star Arizona Conventional Home Loan Lender
5 Star AZ Conventional Home Loan Lender

KHoward Mortgage Team is a top-rated lender in Arizona. We are committed to excellent service in helping you obtain a conventional loan as a first time homebuyer.

Arizona Conventional Home Loan Eligibility
AZ Conventional Home Loan Eligibility

Call KHoward Mortgage Team to determine if you meet the requirements for an Arizona conventional loan. We will work with your financial goals to find the best rates for you!

#1 Arizona Conventional Mortgage Lender Near Me
#1 Conventional Mortgage Lender Near Me

As a mortgage lender servicing Phoenix and the surrounding area, KHoward Mortgage Team has years of experience in helping potential homebuyers qualify for a home loan.

Total Arizona Conventional Loan Cost Calculator
Total Conventional Loan Cost Calculator

If you qualify for a conventional home loan and need to plan your budget, use our mortgage calculator to help determine your monthly payments, taxes, interest rates, and more.

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