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A manufactured home can be a much more affordable option than a traditional, single-family home. You can pay less while also getting a lot more square footage and land. The KHoward Mortgage Team understands that manufactured and modular homes are just as valuable as traditional, single-family homes, and we strive to help you get the financing you need in Arizona.

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Top-Rated Mobile Home Mortgage Lenders in Arizona

Whether you are looking at new build manufactured homes, new build modular homes, or new build mobile homes, the KHoward Mortgage Team in Mesa will work hard to find you the mortgage refinancing in Arizona or initial financing options you need. We understand that these homes, when they are built by reputable and experienced contractors, have the same quality as a traditional home and can appreciate in value over time. Therefore, they are worth your investment and ours.

Our team may be able to help you get a Modular Home Loan or Manufactured Home Loan or another loan for which these homes can qualify such as an Arizona FHA loan or a conventional home loan. We’ll work with you to show that the home you want to buy has the square footage and site requirements to qualify for more competitive loan terms, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get the very best interest rates for your loan.

You have finally found a home that you love and want to make your own, and you have the desire and the means to get the loan and pay it back so that the home becomes your own one day. Our manufactured home loan team is here to help make that happen for you.

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Read what our customers have to say about us.

“Due to their diligence and expertise My fiancé and I were able to close on our first home. Kirk and his team were willing to go above and beyond and were even willing to answer emails and phone call during two holidays. We highly recommend their service! ★★★★★

Sasha D. • Tempe, AZ

“Kirk and his team went above and beyond to help me out. They turned one of the worst experiences possible into one of the best. Kirk and his team are the perfect example of what true, caring professionals are like. They have a customer for life. ★★★★★

Christian C. • Gilbert, AZ

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Affordable Mobile Home Loans in Mesa, Arizona

Affordable Manufactured Home Financing Options in Mesa

A lot of people who want to buy new build modular homes or manufactured homes end up having to pursue alternate routes, such as getting a personal loan or the same kind of loan that is used to buy an RV or other mobile property. These loans are typically offered for a shorter time frame, and they carry high interest rates, which make them too expensive for many to afford. Others try to borrow money from friends or family, and that can put a huge strain on personal relationships.

Our Arizona mobile home mortgage company helps you to find affordable financing for new construction manufactured homes, modular homes, and mobile homes. We use all the resources at our disposal to find loans with the right terms, including the right repayment period and the best interest rate possible. Our goal is to help you make that home fit into your budget so that you can build a safe space for your family affordably. Call us today to start talking with an Arizona mortgage lender  or one of our conventional mortgage brokers and find out what options are available for the manufactured home you want to buy.

Manufactured Home Lender Companies in Arizona

Experienced Arizona Mobile Home Lender and Mortgage Banker Team

The reason that the KHoward Mortgage team is so successful at helping buyers like you find the right financing for mobile and manufactured homes is that we have been doing exactly that for many years. We know what programs are available for new construction modular homes and similar manufactured homes, and we know how to help our clients qualify for them. We have the contacts and the knowledge to help our clients meet their goals.

In some cases, qualifying for a particular loan may be a matter of coming up with a little extra for the down payment, or it may be a matter of changing something about the property. We counsel our clients on not only the loan options for which they qualify but also the other AZ home loan programs that they might consider if they were willing to make minor changes.

At the end of the day, our team wants to see you leave with the loan you need so that you can buy the house you want and stay within your monthly budget.

Modular Home Financing Brokers in Mesa, AZ

Get Pre-Approved for a Mobile Home Loan in Arizona

Do you have your eye on a modular or manufactured home? New construction modular homes are incredibly popular right now, and there are a variety of options in Mesa and the surrounding area. If you are thinking about shopping in this market, now is the perfect time to get pre-approved for a mobile home loan. Don’t wait until you are ready to make an offer and then struggle to find a loan that will allow you to close. Get pre-approved with the KHoward Mortgage Team now so that you know you will have the financing you need.

Getting pre-approved for a mobile home loan also helps you to know exactly how much you can afford. That empowers you when you are making offers, letting you know how much room you have to negotiate. You can limit your search to only what you can afford, helping you to save time. Call our first-time home buyer mortgage lenders today to start the pre-approval process and be ready to begin your home search.

New Construction Mobile Home Loan Lenders in Mesa, Arizona

If you run an online search for “Mesa modular home loan company near me,” you are likely to get a lot of results. While some of those companies may promise to give you a great loan, you are likely to learn they are offering non-traditional loans with higher-than-usual interest rates or even adjustable rates. You may get a loan for the manufactured home you want, but you won’t get a loan that’s right for your finances.

Securing traditional financing for a manufactured home can prove difficult since many lenders view not these structures as “real property.” Other times, getting the loan may be difficult since the property is so inexpensive. Many mortgage lenders won’t make a home loan for less than $50,000.

Arizona Modular Home Loan Bankers Near Me
Mesa Manufactured Home Lenders Nearby

The KHoward Mortgage Team is a top-rated Mesa home lender, and we can help you find a loan for just about every type of home you are interested in buying.

#1 Manufactured Home Financing Options
Mobile Home Mortgage Lenders Mesa 85215

We specialize in helping AZ home buyers find affordable home loans for mobile and manufactured homes in Mesa 85215 and around the United States.

Mesa Modular Home Financing Services
Arizona’s #1 Mobile Home Loan Lenders

Our many satisfied customers have left reviews attesting to our superior service and exceptional results. Check our reviews to see what they have to say.

Experienced Arizona Mobile Home Lenders
Best Modular Home Financing in Mesa

Our goal is to help you find the best financing and down payment options for the modular home you want, including the lowest interest rates and the best overall terms.

New Construction Modular Home Financing in Mesa, AZ
Mesa Modular Home Loans Company Near Me

There are many lenders near Mesa that may promise you the world, but the ratings and results from the KHoward Mortgage Team speak for themselves.

New Build Mobile Home Mortgage Lenders
Local Mesa Mobile Home Mortgage Bankers

Our FHA home lenders are locals to Mesa, Arizona, and love the community. Our service stands out because we care for each of our clients, and it shows.

Our Mesa mortgage office has a long track record of success and satisfied customer reviews. We are dedicated to helping you get the home you want while also protecting your finances. One of the reasons you shop for manufactured homes is to save money; you don’t need a terrible loan to cause you money problems instead. Contact KHoward Mortgage Team today to learn more about our manufactured home loans or to begin the pre-approval process.


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